One of the main questions in Email marketing is how to build an email list because as you know mail marketing is about two things:

  1. Building an email list
  2. Sending emails to turn this list into customers

Building an email list is a major problem or a main question when it comes to email marketing. How we build email list properly is simple. The main method is called a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet: Simply put, it is something that attracts anybody to give you his email or her email in exchange with something you provide for free.

Let’s simplify this definition with an example. Let’s say you wrote a small guide about email marketing, then you tell someone I will give you this guide in exchange with your email address. Usually people love free stuff, especially if it is a high quality content.

When you offer a lead magnet, always be sure to make it high quality. So if you have a guide, PDF book and offered in exchange of an email, then this way you are collecting emails.

If you have a free course which may be a free survey, a free application, of whatever you are offering, you can offer it as a lead magnet in exchange with email addresses. This is the mail concept and I think it is very simple.

The main question now is how people will know about my lead magnet, about my guide or my course or whatever I am offering. That means I need to market this course or market this free guide in other to collect emails.

How do we market this guide?

We have multiple methods of telling people about this free lead magnet that we are offering. These methods include:

  • Using social media marketing

I will specifically talk about Facebook ads. When you talk about Facebook ads we have two kinds of adds that we can use to collect emails

    1. Facebook leads collection ads: This allows you to collect information from prospects directly from mobile ads. Instead of sending traffic to a landing page where people manually fill out a form and press submit, they click on the ad, their information pre-populated, and they hit submit.
    2. Facebook traffic ads: This allows you to send people to something called a landing page which is a website page where users can enter their email address manually and exchange with you the lead magnet.
  • Using email collection forms inside your blog or your articles in your website

This simply means to collect emails through articles. Note that if you want to work on email marketing and you don’t have a website or at least a one page website you are away from success.

In this field you need to build and have at least a small website where people can come and see what you have and maybe subscribe to your newsletter or get you a lead magnet or your free stuff in exchange with your emails so you can build your email list properly using opt-in boxes.

Now you may be asking it’s the same problem if I have a blog or a website I have a problem that I have no traffic. To get traffic usually you have two options, either using paid advertising or search engine optimization.

  • Using YouTube

Let’s say you know I am recording a video about email list building and that I will be publishing it on Friday 8:30pm which is my digital marketing video time. So whenever someone watches this video I will show some links in the description that will take them to a landing page that they are interested in.

  • Code email marketing

I will collect emails using email marketing? It somehow looks wide yes. When you scrap emails using Facebook and other methods in general, if you launch an email marketing campaign to these scrapped emails this is obviously spamming.

You can’t simply launch a marketing campaign to scrapped emails of people who did not subscribe to your email list this is different link sperm. Please do not say you scrap emails, but not a spammer.

Say we have a scrapped email list, we can use this scrapped emails to build a good list for our marketing later. This is by simply using something called cold email marketing.

What is cold email marketing? Cold email marketing is simply sending emails to those scrapped emails am not talking about marketing emails, but traditional emails asking those people if they are interested in something you have then they will go to your website or channel or landing page, etc. and subscribe to your list then after one or two months you collect a normal email list which you can use for marketing.

Cold email marketing is like sending a bunch of emails to your scraped email list, then to turn those to another email list, then to turn them into customers later using email marketing.

An important note to take in list building is that whenever you collect an email list, be sure to make an appropriate targeted email list which could be by niche or as much as you can narrow down your list and collect targeted traffic it would reflect more success in your email marketing campaigns.

Having 500 real followers is more successful than having 10000 emails that you don’t know anything about like you created them from here and there and you are trying to market your stuff. This is because the 500 subscribed because they loved you so they will help you, subscribe to your services, buy your stuffs etc.

Emeka Okorie

Emeka is a microbiologist, a content creator and an affiliate marketer. His marketing style centres around SEO traffic and list building.

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