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Email marketing: secrets that marketers kept from you!

Email marketing is the simplest and most effective way of getting your message across online so every smart business will embrace it as one of their marketing strategies.

In attracting and retaining customers, properly managed email marketing can be super productive.

Email cannot be regarded as dead because it continues to be a powerful and effective tool and a great way to communicate with customers and digital marketing regardless of all advances in technology that our world is witnessing today.

Statistics show that the email opening rate in 2020 was higher than that of 2019 and it is expected to go higher in 2021.

You need an efficient campaign if you want to appeal more to your customers and use email to your advantage.

It is time to build a strong relationship with customers and make sales if you are not yet using an email marketing strategy as an entrepreneur if you have not been doing so.

In this article, we will be talking about the following:

  • Meaning of email marketing
  • Some secrets of email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is based on sending emails and building a relationship with prospects and customers.

An effective email marketing strategy converts prospects into potential customers and also converts first-time buyers into recurring customers.

Some secrets of email marketing

To make email marketing more effective to both existing and future customers, here are some secrets to help you

  • Build a powerful preview message

When mails are coming from an unknown source, a lot of people do not open these emails instead they use the preview pane of their email provider to check what it is all about. This is for security reasons.

Considering the above reason, it is advisable that you include the most relevant information in the excerpt that will be showing at the preview pane.

To select the best eye-catching phrases for your mail, you should test out different email providers to know your limits.

  • Use colours that compliment your style

Your goal should be to make yourself remembered by customers as a strong and consistent concept and give your brand a distinct look. Do not fall into the temptation of always using numerous colours when sending a very important, exciting announcement, or launching a new line.

Colour has its own effect on how we feel so try and learn the psychology of colours especially pertaining to marketing. Colour matters in the digital world so you won’t be able to entice your readers and convince them to open and read your emails if you use huge fonts here and there and anyhow colours too.

Do your best to incorporate your email design and layout into your overall aesthetics, also stick to a certain font and style, and choose colours that will complement your logo. It’s a million times better to build a recognizable brand than sending colourful messages that will not be connected to you in the long run.

  • Keep image sizes low

Because of the resolution or browser of the mail recipient, putting high-resolution pictures in your email might go wrong. Keeping it simple and hard to mess up will make it look good and save it from being blocked by the email provider settings for being too large.

Considering the fact that most people use their tablets or smart phones to open emails, you risk losing these customers because large images won’t fit in and they will in turn not see your company logo, image, brand, or any promotion you are offering.

  • Don’t get adventurous with fonts

Showing your texts in gothic fonts may be disastrous as your mail recipient might not have non-standard fonts installed on their computer and sometimes browsers behave weirdly with them. If you want something fancy, display it as an image instead. Stick to the normal fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman, or Georgia for your text.

Think of how your text content will look like in an email when editing it in your editor. It is always safer to keep your text justified or aligned to the left because the devices and browsers are so varied, that one of them might behave weirdly and not show all the centred text.

  • Keep it short and simple

Keep your phrases short, simple, and relevant so that your email can get the message across and be remembered. Use simple words to communicate your message, do not confuse the reader.

Of what importance is that your unique email, if it doesn’t entice your audience. Getting into the private inbox of a customer is more like a privilege, not your birth right so don’t violate it.

  • Include a call to action

A call to action can be as easy as a simple direct request.

It’s easy to forget the initial intention of the email with all this focus on getting the customer’s attention. Whatever you are reminding them of, a savvy subject line may improve your open rate.

You will need a call to action to increase the percentage of subscribers following email links to your web page or to increase your click-through rate.

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