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MMO Guide is an acronym for “Make money Online Guide” ~ which is the reason why this blog was born during the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic trauma in 2020.

The work-from-home trend became popular than ever in 2020. Employed staff of organizations and schools were allowed to work from home, seminars and workshops all happened online.

At this time, a lot of menial job workers jumped into the internet business at this time, and most of them have been dangling from one internet marketing course to the other, from one make-money product to the other without making a dime.

We are starting this blog to direct you on the better path to your desired result ~ SUCCESSFUL INTERNET BUSINESS!

Here are the team behind MMO blog


Emeka Okorie

Emeka Okorie is a content writer, working full time at Thriving Smart LLC as an SEO consultant. He is experienced at writing articles, email letters and other marketing content types.


Jessica Porter

Jessica Porter is a freelance book writer. She has served over 400 clients and amazon book publishers in the past 5 years.


Rita Nnamani

Rita is an affiliate marketer, and a book writer. She started as a freelance copywriter under the mentorship of Dan Dobberman’s Knight of Camelot.


Miss JoanMiss Joan

Miss Joan is a content writer with Thriving Smart and an enthusiast health blogger. She has a simple philosophy – helping the young generation succeed.