Email marketing helps you build a relationship with your customers. Here’s how to combine Facebook ads and pop-up forms to start growing your list in a few simple steps.

Email marketing gives you a proven way to nurture leads and convert them into long-lasting customers in addition to helping you build a relationship with your customers.

An email list is the most important element of a successful marketing strategy no matter what type of business you operate.

While turning subscribers into paying customers, you can share your story, promote your business, and showcase your product with that list.

Online businesses that want to attract potential customers can use opt-in forms in their website to attract sign-ups, experienced content marketers use lead magnets to generate leads.

In a few simple steps, you can also combine Facebook ads and pop-up forms to start growing your email list.

In this article, you will learn how to quickly build a list from scratch by combining 2 powerful tools: pop-up forms and Facebook ads


First, create a branded opt-in pop-up form for your website

Pop-up forms are a powerful tool for audience growth because they provide visitors with a quick, convenient way to share contact information and subscribe to your list while they are browsing your site.

They are proven to work, and they are easy to add to your site. After adding a pop-up form to sites, users have seen their list growth rate increase by an average of 50.8%.

Before you start building opt-in pop-up forms, here are a few tips to take into considerations:

  • Choose an attractive headline: Make sure to include a good headline that will describe one important benefit that your potential customers will have by subscribing to your email list.
  • Choose a relevant Tag line or description: Make sure to include a brief and clear description line, that will help you increase the conversion rate for your subscription.
  • Make it simple: Make sure to include only the necessary contact information, like name and email address.
  • Include a call to action into the subscribe button: Make sure to use a non-generic call to action that will invite visitors to click right away.

Build a pop-up form

Consider a 20-second delay if visitors have a tendency to browse, but if people aren’t inclined to spend much time on your site, then set the form to appear immediately or with a 5-second delay.

Next, create marketing campaigns to find your people with Facebook ads

Every marketing expert knows that Facebook ads help you reach new audiences and find new customers by targeting people who are similar to your existing contacts. In fact, I have found that targeting an audience that’s similar to your list can lead to a 29% better ROI than interest targeting alone.

Facebook ads are also used to generate leads by collecting emails through ads that link to your landing pages with opt-in forms aside been used for selling stuff. You can create an ad that drives people to your site so they can quickly and easily sign up for your email list in just a few steps.

Build a pop-up form in 3 steps

  • Design your form

Have the user experience in mind when creating sign-up forms.

  • Set your display timing.

Align the timing of your pop-up form with the average amount of time a visitor spends on your website. If people aren’t inclined to spend much time on your site, set the form to appear immediately or with a 5-second delay. Consider a 20-second delay or a scroll-based trigger when someone reaches the middle or bottom of your page if visitors have a tendency to browse.

  • Generate the code and, if necessary, paste it into your site’s HTML or through your website builder.

Create a Facebook ad

How to Create a Facebook ad in 3 steps

  • Target people with similar interests.

You have collected a lot of information about your existing customers, now you have the opportunity to put that data to work for your business. Facebook creates a lookalike audience based on shared interests, behaviours, and demographics after analysing the profile of the contacts on your list.

You can run a check to compare how a custom audience of your recent website visitors and lookalike audience of likely subscribers perform when trying to generate leads to increase conversion rate optimization.

  • Design your ad, complete with your website URL.

In social media marketing, choosing the right image for your Facebook ad can make all the difference needed.

  • Set your budget.

The maximum amount of money you want to pay to run your ad is represented by your budget. You will only be charged for each person that clicks your ad so you can choose to spend any amount you like even if it is $5.

Measuring your success

Monitor your reports to keep track of your progress and learn exactly how many new people join your email list after pushing your pop-up form and Facebook ad. Consider adjusting your messaging, timing, improving user experience, and other variables once you have a baseline to see how your conversion rate is affected.

Bonus: Turn on a welcome series

You are now ready to start using some marketing features and create a welcome email that automatically sends when new people subscribe since you have got the pieces in place to start growing your list.

You can use this email to simply thank new subscribers for their interest in your business or share success stories, or offer a discount or exclusive content, promote your newest or best-selling products.

In just 3 steps, you can design the email, determine your segment and timing, and start the automation.

Emeka Okorie

Emeka is a microbiologist, a content creator and an affiliate marketer. His marketing style centres around SEO traffic and list building.

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