A few years ago, ranking videos on the first page of thGoogle and YouTube was easy as 1-2-3. But nowadays, with fierce competition and every marketer and their mom uploading thousands of videos each day, it’s now harder to get your video on the first page of Google or YouTube.

If you want to get more views, subscribers, and traffic from the internet, then this is for you. This content will show you how to rank any video in any niche on Google and YouTube.

Are you struggling to get views, or do you want an increase in your monthly view? Apply what you will see here and rank for all sorts of competitive keywords and let your channel generate thousands of subscribers and viewers every single month.

Let’s now dive into the steps to get these results.

1.Keyword Research

While keyword research is an integral part of any SEO campaign, many beginners shy away from it in the beginning. No doubt it is a daunting process, especially if you’re new to SEO.

Good keyword research will help you find the right keywords to attract visitors, and your website will rank better on Google Search. However, there is no one way to do keyword research. You can do it on your own, you can hire someone to do it for you, or you can use an SEO tool to do it for you.

With the software: “video marketing blaster (VMB),” you can easily do a proper keyword research in a few seconds by clicking on the keyword suggestion module. These modules help you find top keywords that you won’t find anywhere else.

This is to illustrate how the homepage of video marketing blaster (VMB) looks like.
Video Marketing Blaster (VMB) home page.

For any keyword, you need to research, simply type in the long keyword and click on research keyword.

This is a list of great keywords from various sources
A list of great keywords from various sources like YouTube competition.

And in less than 10 seconds, you will receive a list of great keywords from various sources like YouTube competition, YouTube and Google suggestions, etc. So, you can now analyze them to select a perfect list of keywords to target and rank for.

2. Select keywords with good search potentials

When it comes to ranking any form of content on the internet, whether a blog post or video, choosing keywords with good reach potentials is very necessary. However, it can be a daunting process, especially if you are new to SEO.

But there’s one thing you can do to help yourself out: choose keywords that have a high potential to bring you traffic. By picking keywords that have good reach potential, you can put your efforts to use to bring you more customers.

To illustrate that each keyword has its own rank.
Take note of the keyword ranks

With video marketing blaster (VMB), each keyword has its rank value on the column for rank. Note the higher the rank, the better the keyword. But on the other hand, it will be hard to rank for the keywords with higher rank values. This is because keywords with a very high-rank value have more competition, and such competitors can be big brands and influencers with whom it is difficult to compete.

Therefore I recommend that you go with a long tail keyword with an average rank value, especially if you have a small business. These keywords may not have fantastic traffic, but they also don’t have much competition as well. So it’s easier to rank for.

An illustration of how to click on from competitors, and paste in the keyword on the space for the main keyword.
Take note of the arrows.

Having selected the keywords you want to rank for, all you have to do now is click on “copy to clipboard” on the left and then on “video details” on the top. Then click on from competitors, paste in the keyword on the space for the main keyword and wait for VMB to generate the video details.

An illustration of a perfectly generated SEO-optimized title tags and descriptions for your keyword.
A perfectly generated SEO-optimized title tags and descriptions for your keyword.

It will perfectly generate SEO-optimized title tags and descriptions for your keyword. And you will have the right balance of keywords that will make Google to totally fall in love with your video and give your video instant top rankings when you upload the video and use the details generated by VMB.

3. Promote the videos

To promote your video online, here is a list of the thing you should do

  • Share your videos on niche communities;
  • Share your videos on social media;
  • Use email marketing and signature to advertise your videos;
  • Insert the videos in your blog posts that have related topics;
  • Reply to messages and comments from users with videos;
  • Create corporate videos and product demonstrations to post on your website;
  • Take part in groups, forums, and question and answer sites and respond to users with your videos.

Above all, remember the vital word: relevance. Share videos only in contexts where they are relevant and add value to the user. Remember that the focus of Google and YouTube is “user experience” so, this should be yours too.

Now, I would love to hear from you: I hope this article helped show you how to rank your videos online? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Emeka Okorie

Emeka is a microbiologist, a content creator and an affiliate marketer. His marketing style centres around SEO traffic and list building.

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